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Rystad Energy Analytics launch

April 12, 2018
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Rystad Energy today announced the official launch of Rystad Energy Analytics – a universe of ready-made and timely reports, commentaries and factsheets for vital segments of the energy industry.

“Not everyone has the time or the desire to analyze data, so we’ve launched a library of analytical products to fully cater to their needs in the energy sector. Our clients now receive commentaries on topical news and trends every week, and highly detailed monthly and quarterly reports covering a wide range of topics. Furthermore thousands of factsheets covering fields, basins, rigs and companies are just a click away,” comments Erik Means, Head of Analytics & Executive Editor at Rystad Energy.

Powered by Rystad Energy’s comprehensive proprietary databases and prepared by research expert groups, all reports from Rystad Energy Analytics offer an A-to-Z overview with projections for vital segments across the energy industry:

•     Energy fundamentals (Market Analytics)
•     Upstream exploration and field development (Upstream Analytics)
•     The game-changing shale industry (Shale Upstream Analytics & Shale Intel)
•     The rig and oilfield services sectors (Oilfield Service & Rig Analytics)
•     Renewable energy markets (SERA Analytics)

“We are tailoring Rystad Energy Analytics to those that need immediate, up-to-date insight for business decisions in the energy sector. Our clients receive this insight in combination with relevant databases or stand-alone. Our focus is immediate access to intelligence, and we supplement this with direct access to our research experts for more in-depth discussions on energy matters,” comments Matthew Watson, Head of Business Development.

Rystad Energy, the Energy Knowledge House, has built its reputation on being a leading independent oil and gas consulting services and business intelligence data firm, and now offers similar services for the renewable energy sector (read more here).

In the upcoming weeks we will hold a series of webinars showcasing our Analytics portfolio. The first webinar in the series is dedicated to Oil Market Analytics. Follow us to stay updated on the upcoming webinars.

'Rystad Energy's Short-term Oil Market Outlook' - Oil Market Analytics product webinarRegister here.

To learn more about Rystad Energy, follow the link here.

To speak to one of our business development managers in your region, request a meeting with us.



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About Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy is an independent energy research and business intelligence company providing data, tools, analytics and consultancy services to the global energy industry. 

Our products and services cover energy fundamentals and the global and regional upstream, oilfield services and renewable energy industries, tailored to analysts, managers and executives alike.