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Rystad Energy interview on CNBC Africa

July 31, 2015
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The world's biggest oil majors have announced significant job cuts on the back of a lower oil price and poor results. Per Magnus Nysveen, Senior Partner & Head of Analysis, speaks to CNBC Africa for how investors should be reacting.

For link to interview, please click here



Contact: Per Magnus Nysveen, Head of Analysis
Phone: +47 24 00 42 00

Contact: Julia Weiss, VP Marketing
Phone: +47 24 00 42 90
Mobile: +47 48 29 87 61

About Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy is an independent oil and gas consulting services and business intelligence data firm offering global databases, strategy consulting and research products.

Rystad Energy’s headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway, with additional research teams in India. Further presence has been established in Norway (Stavanger), the UK (London), USA (New York & Houston), Russia (Moscow), Africa as well as South East Asia.