Introducing Rystad Energy Ranks

December 29, 2016

A new platform for web based, easy-to-use access to UCube and NASWellCube data is now available. 

The ranking tool takes data from our Cube Browser and rearranges it into a predefined ranking list. It is perfect for those who need to conduct analysis and require an overview of the industry in a quick and timely manner. Rystad Energy ranking tool includes: 

UCubeFree Rank

UCubeFree is a free and limited version of Rystad Energy’s Upstream Database UCube. It is an ideal tool for anyone who needs up-to-date insights into the upstream oil and gas industry on a daily basis. With UCubeFree, we aim to provide more transparency in the oil and gas business.


NASWellFree Rank

NASWellFree is a free and limited version of Rystad Energy’s North American Shale Well Cube NASWellCube. NASWellFree is an ideal tool for anyone who needs up-to-date insights into North American shale wells on a daily basis. The tool displays "top 10 wells" lists by production and different completion benchmarks, and the user can filter and drill-down into the data set. Results are shown in table and chart formats.


  • Register for UCubeFree and/or NASWellFree here
  • Visit this Ranks page and register your license key here
  • Your license key email includes necessary instructions. If you experience problems, please contact
  • Once registered, you can access Ranks cube by using the "Rystad Energy Ranks" app, available in the Appstore and Google Play