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WellCube – a new member of Rystad Energy’s oilfield service solutions

January 10, 2018
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Rystad Energy has started 2018 with a launch of WellCube – an addition to our portfolio of solutions for the oilfield service industry. WellCube is a global well database, with field-by-field well count and rig demand coverage, providing access into details for every oil and gas well drilled globally.

How many wells were drilled this year and will be drilled in the future? What will drive changes in the well count? What is the global demand for drilling rigs? How many wells will different operators drill at specific fields next year? Answers to these and other questions can be found in the WellCube.

The database covers 2,000,000 wells and includes data for more than 40,000 oil and gas fields and 2,400 E&P operators. Data is further split along market dimensions such as geography, on-/offshore, water depth, well type, reservoir type and field life cycle for all fields, discoveries and exploration licenses globally. Monthly data updates ensure that users have the latest market information to support business decisions.

To learn more about the new product join our upcoming webinars, featuring WellCube.

Read more about WellCube and see our Case Examples or contact us to book a demo.