COVID-19 Report

COVID-19 Report - Scenarios and impact on global energy markets

We have now published our 5th Edition of the COVID-19 Report (released on April 7). Rystad Energy's COVID-19 Report will be regularly updated, offering scenario analyses and evaluating the impact on global energy markets.

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On-demand webinar: A focus on APAC
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Highlights of this edition include:

  • We have now increased our figure for true infected cases to 25 million, of which 19 million are active cases. Of these, only about 5% are actual reported cases.  
  • Asian countries outside China still appear to be in the early phase of the outbreak, and it is too early to conclude how deep the impact will be in these countries. In this edition of the COVID-19 report, we will focus on selected countries in Asia Pacific.
  • We now estimate that oil demand destruction in April could amount to 27 million barrels per day, of which nearly 5 million barrels per day will come from the three largest consumers; China, Japan and India.

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