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Rystad Energy launches Well Analytics

November 8, 2018
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Rystad Energy today announced the launch of Well Analytics – a service that provides expert analysis and insights into global well drilling and completion activity through a suite of commentaries, reports, and factsheets.

Well Analytics is a new member of the Oilfield Services Solutions and compliments WellCube – a bottom-up database covering the global drilling and completion market down to well level.

“We are excited to announce this launch and extend our oilfield services offerings. Rystad Energy is known for its expertise in oilfield services research and takes pride in providing independent, unique and detailed insights into upstream spending and oilfield service activity. Well Analytics is a natural step in the development of our portfolio of products,” says Audun Martinsen, Partner & Head of Oilfield Service Research.

The analytics package will be powered by Rystad Energy’s WellCube, a database covering all drilling activity globally. The commentaries, reports, and factsheets that make up this product provide timely and accurate analysis of the global drilling and completion market to our clients.

“We are confident this will fast become an indispensable service for our clients for understanding well drilling and completion trends around the world,” Martinsen adds.

Well Analytics covers topics like well market trends, drilling and completion activity, well-related capex and purchases of well-related services and equipment. It sheds light on historic and forecasted drilling plans for projects, operators and regions. It also covers global onshore & offshore, shale, conventional and all other upstream activity relevant for the well services market.

Well Analytics includes:

  • Global Well Report: Quarterly report covering the global and regional drilling and completion market
  • Factsheets: Library of quantitative snapshots on projects, operators and continents, derived from our proprietary databases
  • Commentaries: Frequent commentaries on the latest industry events with analysis of their impact based on Rystad Energy’s research

Read more about Well Analytics and see our Case Examples or contact us to book a demo.


Join our Well Analytics webinar

To learn more about the new offering join our upcoming webinar covering global drilling, completion and intervention trends for 2019:

  • Examining the historic well-related service market
  • Exploring 2019 drilling schedules
  • Identifying business opportunities with Well Analytics

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DATE: November 21, 2018

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