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Gullkronen 2012 Winners

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The winner: Hans Henrik Ramm

Jarand Rystad, Rystad Energy; Honour Award winner Hans Henrik Ramm; Helge Keilen, Offshore.no

The jury's reasoning: "The winner had the idea and was the driving force behind the most value generating construction for Norwegian society ever. This construction has so far yielded NOK 250 billion in cash directly to the Norwegian state, and will over the next 40 years deliver another NOK 750 billion to the state – an amount that otherwise would have gone to shareholders. The winner made this effort as a young politician in the early 1980s when in service for Vidkunn Hveding, Kåre Willock and Erling Norvik. The name of this internationally unique construction was SDFI. Statoil’s position as a potentially too dominant player was balanced out and the cash was brought directly back to the state. The winner has also been the leading thinker and commentator on the oil industry in Norway over the last 30 years – actually a “think tank” by himself – including his highly appreciated publication - “Behind The News”.


E&P Award


The five nominees: Core Energy, Fortis Petroleum, Valiant Petroleum, Lukoil

The winner: Core Energy

Dag Erland Henriksen, Arntzen de Besche; Jan Harald Solstad, Core Energy; Emil Brustad Nilsen, Rystad Energy

The jury's reasoning: "The winner secured financing by HitecVision shortly after the establishment in 2010. During 2011, the company obtained pre-qualification as a licensee on NCS and has started building a portfolio through acquisition of both mature fields and a development field. The jury is impressed by the winner’s guts and what the company has accomplished during its first year of operations."


E&P Award

Explorer of the Year

The four nominees: Statoil, Lundin Petroleum, Det norske oljeselskap, Total

The winner: Statoil

Ivar Ramberg, Ramberg Consulting; Silje Fekjar Nilsson, Statoil; Gro Gunleiksrud Haatvedt, Statoil; Jan G. Norstrøm, Rystad Energy

The jury's reasoning: "Four very successful explorers made giants discoveries on NCS - which in turn made NCS the world’s most prosperous location for exploration in 2011. One of the discoveries will likely open up a new oil province. In regards to the largest discovery, companies first laid their eyes on this location back in the 1960s. The second and third wells in the North Sea were drilled here. The location is Utsira High, which did not show promise until 2007. Migration to east was understood not the least by the drilling of Ragnarrock. Gradually improved understanding in the recent years, finally led to the discovery of the migrating elephant in 2011." 


E&P Award

Business Developer of the Year

The five nominees: Faroe Petroleum & Petoro, Statoil, Centrica, Core Energy

The winner: Faroe Petroleum & Petoro

Ida Veland, Faroe Petroleum; Ragnar Sandvik, Petoro; John A. Olaisen, Carnegie; Arne Gulbrandsen, Rystad Energy

The jury's reasoning: "The winner of the Business Developer Award has been involved in a transaction that demonstrated creativity and that has surprised the market in a positive way. The deal reflects both seller and buyer perspectives and shows active steps to high grading of asset portfolios. A company with a very mature portfolio has through an attractive discovery gained foothold in an area with high activity level going forward. This company has also been able to divest non-core fields, that is fields with the least net production and resources. The other company has made a deal that could be regarded as a “Company maker” by moving from exploration success to producing fields. Compared to the seller, these fields significantly build the portfolio and lift cash flow."

E&P Award

Project Developer of the Year

The four nominees: Knarr - BG, Hild - Total, Luno - Lundin, Fast-track - Statoil

The winner: Knarr - BG

Mads Andersen; Marianne Eide, BG; Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Rystad Energy

The jury's reasoning: "The winner of the Project Developer Award has significantly matured their project during 2010/2011 and received PDO approval during 2011. The jury is impressed with the operator’s ability to prioritize bringing the resources quickly towards production, and stands out with an exceptional lead time of three years from discovery to PDO. Significant efforts has been undertaken during 2011 with further drilling, seismic acquisition and securing additional surrounding acreage through the APA2011. The operator has ambitions of establishing a new hub in the Tampen area, something their flexible FPSO rental model will allow for."

E&P Award

Field Operator of the Year

The four nominees: Troll - Statoil, Ekofisk - ConocoPhillips, Alvheim - Marathon, Balder - ExxonMobil 

The winner: Troll - Statoil

Per Magnus Nysveen, Rystad Energy;Hogne Pedersen, Statoil; Rune Adolfsen, Statoil; Gro Kielland, Hagrola Consulting

The jury's reasoning: "The winner of the Field Operator Award has managed to reverse its oil production trend while keeping a high HSE standard. Over the course of the year, major investments have been sanctioned which will increase reserves and prolong the lifetime of the field. The jury is impressed with the operator’s commitment to the field, with major investments sanctioned and more rigs secured which should continue to strengthen the field’s important position on the NCS."

Oilfield Service Award

New Venture of the Year

The four nominees: i-Tec, Aptomar, Blueback Reservoir, Petroleum Technology Company (PTC) 

The winner: i-Tec

Jan Byrkjeland, Rystad Energy; Eirik Sæther, i-TEC; Tage Thorkildsen, i-TEC; Morten Borge, Ferd

The jury's reasoning: "The winner has developed their own unique technology for the completion of horizontal wells in tight formations such as carbonate and shale reservoirs, with a huge global market. According to major operators, their cemented multi zone ball activated frac valve represents a revolution in terms of reduced time to production, less risk and increased reservoir contact. After only 5 years of operations, the company has grown its revenue and organization consistently, and is now profitable and well positioned for a bright future."

Oilfield Service Award

Globetrotter of the Year

The four nominees: EMGS, Framo Engineering, Norsafe, DOF 

The winner: EMGS

Erik Wold, Rystad Energy; Svein Ellingsrud, EMGS; Gulbrand Wangen, INTSOK

The jury's reasoning:

"The winner has developed a new hydrocarbon prospecting technology, taking it from a concept at the drawing board to a full scale professional service. The reliability of the technology has been disputed, but believers have now passed critical mass, including companies like Shell, Exxonmobil, Statoil, Petrobras, Pemex, Petronas, and more. According to Statoil the technology is credited a key role in the Skrugard and Havis discoveries. In 2011 the company acquired a competing company to step up capacity to serve increasing order base and backlog."

Oilfield Service Award

Business Success of the Year

The four nominees: FMC Technologies, AGR, Aibel, Dolphin 

The winner: FMC Technologies

Jo Husebye, Rystad Energy; Arild Selvig, FMC Technologies; Erik Reiso, Rystad Energy

The jury's reasoning: "The winner of the Business Success Award is the global leader in its segment. This position was capitalized upon in 2011 with several contract awards. The company has successfully established a foothold across the globe. It covers markets near and distant, with future growth potential in regions like West Africa, the Caspian, and Europe. Ongoing project execution in Russia represents the entry into a new market. Over the last five years and even further back, the winner has demonstrated impressive growth in revenues, margins and shareholder value. Consistent long-term growth, dominant market share, and global reach firmly cements the company’s position as an impressive business success."


* All pictures taken by the photographers of www.fotograflillian.no