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Gullkronen 2013 Winners

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The winner: Hans Christen Rønnevik & Torstein Sannes, Lundin Petroleum

Helge Keilen, Offshore Media Group; Hans Christen Rønnevik, Lundin Petroleum; Jarand Rystad, Rystad Energy

Jury's Reasoning: "The winners of this year’s Honour Award have both been active at the Norwegian shelf since the 1970s, including positions at NPD and Saga. Although they know the shelf like the back of their hand, they acknowledge that big surprises may lie ahead. They form a small and extremely powerful management team that in the years gone by has proved pivotal in finding resources worth 400 BNOK for the Norwegian society - one as the explorer, the other as the manager and business developer. Through innovative and hands-on seismic technologies and reinterpretation of well logs and core samples, they developed a new geomodel for the Utsira high. Moreover, they took the risk to drill the prospect despite dry wells in the area and industry skepticism. The result was ground breaking - the giant Johan Sverdrup discovery was a reality. This has been the largest global oil discovery in recent years."


E&P Award

Newcomer of the Year

The four nominees: Atlantic Petroleum, Tullow Oil, Cairn Energy, Explora Petroleum

The winner: Tullow Oil

Christian Fredrik Michelet, Arntzen de Besche; Roar Tessem, Tullow Oil; Audun Martinsen, Rystad Energy

Jury's Reasoning: "The winner is backed by a larger organization and has proven success in other parts of the world. During 2012, the company acquired a smaller Norwegian E&P company with a large potential. Pre-qualified as a licensee and operator, this company has everything they need to grow after their numerous awards in the latest APA round. The jury is impressed by the winner’s choice of NCS entry and is eager to see what the company may achieve in the coming years."


E&P Award

Explorer of the Year

The four nominees: Total, Bridge Energy, Wintershall, RWE Dea

The winner: Bridge Energy

Jan G. Norstrøm, Rystad Energy; Alfred Kjemperud, Bridge Energy; Ivar Brandvold, Fred Olsen Energy

Jury's Reasoning: "From license application through to awarding and drilling, this year’s Explorer of the Year has impressed the jury with their high level of dedication. Their drilling efforts in 2012 have resulted in two likely commercial discoveries, both of which have been organically acquired through licensing rounds. The explorer was initially the sole applicant for the block that proved one of the most exciting discoveries in 2012. The explorer matured the prospect, which is located in a complex and compartmentalized area, and convinced a Major to join them before drilling. The winner provides clear proof that smaller companies do make a difference on the NCS."


E&P Award

Business Developer of the Year

The four nominees: OMV, Tullow Oil, Wintershall, Total & Exxon Mobil

The winner: Wintershall

Anders Hannevik, Rystad Energy; Nils Helge Sørgård, Wintershall; Nils Hovtun, SpareBank 1 Markets

Jury's reasoning: "The winner, despite being a relatively new player on the NCS, has already made an impact with substantial acquisitions and exploration success. In 2012 the company transformed itself through one of the biggest deals on the NCS in many years. By taking over an operatorship from Statoil, for the first time on the NCS, the company now has the opportunity to demonstrate its proficiency as an operator and help bring new ideas and focus on tail end production. The jury is impressed by the winner’s decisive strategic actions and how it lives up to its slogan of “we make things happen”."

E&P Award

Project Developer of the Year

The four nominees: Statoil (Gudrun, Dagny, Valemon); Total (Atla); Lundin (Edvard Grieg) & Det Norske (Ivar Aasen); Statoil (Fast-Track)

The winner: Statoil (Fast-Track)

Nils-Henrik Bjurstrøm, Rystad Energy; Tom Hasse Pedersen, Statoil; Arild Selvig, FMC Technologies

Jury's reasoning: "In 2012, the four nominated operators have reached important milestones in their field development plans by submitting PDOs or by starting up production in new fields. The winner has succeeded in creating an efficient, fast and flexible project organization and managed to stimulate fast decision making in the partnership. The jury is impressed with how standardization of equipment and work processes as well as efficient contractual arrangements have led to shorter development time and lower development cost. The winner’s development success has the potential to play an important role in the long term development of the NCS."

E&P Award

Field Operator of the Year

The four nominees: Marathon Oil (Alvheim); Statoil (Åsgard); ConocoPhillips (Ekofisk); Statoil (Heidrun)

The winner: ConocoPhillips (Ekofisk)

Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Rystad Energy; Kurt Fredheim, ConocoPhillips; Robert Skrede, ConocoPhillips; Jo Husebye, Rystad Energy

Jury's reasoning: "The winner of the Field Operator award has managed to address its production decline with more wells drilled. Recent investment decisions have significantly increased the reserves and lifetime of the field and new projects are well under way. The jury is impressed with the operator’s commitment to the field and its EOR initiatives. This can be seen by the major investments sanctioned and additional rigs in place, securing the field’s continued important position on the NCS."

Oilfield Service Award

New Venture of the Year

The four nominees: Aptomar, Sekal, Cre8, ScanWell

The winner: Cre8

Jan Byrkjeland, Rystad Energy; Elin Sunnevåg, Cre8; Morten Bøgild, Cre8; Arne Magnus Rise, HitecVision

Jury's reasoning: "The winner has brought innovative and high quality products to the NCS and other offshore regions. The company is exposed to some of the fastest growing segments in the industry. From day one, the company has had a clear niche strategy and has built a strong multi-skilled and customer-oriented organization. Revenue in 2012, after just 2 years of operation, was an impressive 100 Million NOK and the order backlog now is even higher. This means that more customers are following Statoil, Petrobras, FMC and Aker Solutions and will use the winner’s leading electro/hydraulic control modules in the workover and intervention of subsea wells.


Oilfield Service Award

Globetrotter of the Year

The four nominees: Interwell, DOF Subsea, SPT Group, Norsafe

The winner: Norsafe


Erik Wold, Rystad Energy; Arild Hansen, Norsafe; Sjur Eigil Bratland, INTSOK

Jury's reasoning: "The winner has, from a strong position in the home market, established a network of offices and production capacity in all important markets. With a long history in the Norwegian naval tradition, the winner is bringing NCS safety levels to the global offshore industry. 2012 was a breakthrough year with fantastic growth and record order backlogs. This year's Globetrotter is a market leader bringing NCS safety levels to the global offshore industry."

Oilfield Service Award

Business Success of the Year

The four nominees: Aker Solutions, National Oilwell Varco, Subsea 7, TGS

The winner: Aker Solutions


Arne Gulbrandsen, Rystad Energy; Mike Riding, Aker Solutions; Ole Slorer, Morgan Stanley

Jury's reasoning: "The winner of the Business Success Award has for a long time been one of the largest supplier companies to the offshore oil and gas industry globally. The winner has at times been through rough seas, but over the past couple of years they have made a noticeable recovery through both restructuring its portfolio of subsidiaries, as well as turning around large project losses. The winner is now well positioned as a focused oil service company within key growth segments like subsea, offshore installations and the MMO market. Both revenue and EBITDA are showing steady growth resulting in an almost doubling of the share price during 2012."



* All pictures taken by Jon Skille Amundsen, fotografgjengen.no