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Gullkronen 2015 Winners

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The winner: Arve Johnsen

Jarand Rystad, Rystad Energy; Arve Johnsen; Helge Keilen, Offshore Media Group

Jury's Reasoning: 

This person has probably shaped the Norwegian oil industry more than any other single person - as a politician, top manager and advisor. He is known to focus on the “highs” – høydedragene – with a caring heart for the broader society. Still, he was clear as a manager and not afraid to confront even Kåre Willoch or CEOs of Mobil and others when needed. He grew up in Hamar and completed three educations before he was 26: NHH in Bergen, Macro economy in Kansas and law in Oslo. After ten years with Hydro, alongside with political positions under Finn Lied and Jens Christian Hauge, he was the main architect and also the natural candidate to lead a new national oil company in 1972. He thought that “Statoil” could be a proper name, and led Statoil from 1972 to 1988, building up the company from a one-man show to a leading oil company to the benefit of the Norwegian society and admired internationally. His achievements include getting 50 percent ownership and taking over the operatorship of Statfjord, taking the risk to cross the uncrossable Norskerenna with a pipeline to Kårstø and being the sole operator at the giant Gullfaks development. Also during his years, Statoil drilled 532 exploration wellbores and found 70 percent of all of Statoil’s resources in Norway. Since 1988, the lawyer we talk about has continued his profound influence as a UN advisor on energy, the government’s advisor e.g. for Støre on the High North, and with numerous projects for companies and governments. 



Explorer of the Year

The four nominees: Lundin Petroleum, OMV, Statoil (North Sea), VNG Norge

The winner: VNG Norge

Halfdan Carstens, GeoPublishing; Erling Bergfjord, Atle Sonesen, VNG Norge; Nils-Henrik Bjurstrøm, Rystad Energy

Jury's Reasoning:

The winner has conducted thorough geological and geophysical evaluations that  resulted in a significant discovery. The discovery surprised most people with its size, and the reservoir properties appear to be excellent. The winner made the discovery in a well-explored area that is now reinvigorated. The jury is also impressed by how the winner showed stamina when its biggest partner withdrew from the license and new partners had to be found.


Business Developer of the Year

The four nominees: Det norske oljeselskap, PGNiG Upstream International, Statoil, Wintershall

The winner: PGNiG Upstream International

Håvar Blakset, Rystad Energy; Slawomir Hinc, Maciej Zwierzchowski, PGNiG; Helge Nordtorp, DNB Markets. 

Jury's reasoning:

The business development at the NCS continued the trend from the previous years with even bigger deals and exciting company acquisitions. The four nominated companies have been active in the asset market, and have all had an eventful year.

The winner has acquired a varied portfolio with production, development assets and future exploration. The company has doubled its footprint on the NCS, and by doing so delivered on its corporate strategy of growing its upstream business. The winner has also shown discipline and cunning in its deal execution, utilizing its position to create added value despite a tough and volatile market situation.


Project Developer of the Year

The four nominees: Lundin Petroleum (Edvard Grieg), Statoil (Gudrun), Statoil (Subsea Gas Compression Projects), Statoil (Valemon)

The winner: Statoil (Gudrun)

Gitte Bromander, Rystad Energy; Charlotte Berge, Ståle Nordal, Tone Helen Øgård, Statoil; Johan Kr. Mikkelsen, Perestroika AS. 

Jury's reasoning:

The competition for this year’s project developer award has been more fierce than ever with several strong candidates.

The winner has shown excellent project development skills in maturing and bringing on stream an old discovery previously found uncommercial. By combining the best from fabrication in Norway with cost efficiency abroad, the operator and the suppliers have proven the success of a new business model. The jury is impressed with the ability of the project organization to deliver on time and under budget, contrary to the contemporary industry trend.


Field Operator of the Year

The four nominees: Det norske oljeselskap (Alvheim), Shell (Draugen), Statoil (Grane), Statoil (Statfjord)

The winner: Det norske oljeselskap (Alvheim)

Harris Utne, Rystad Energy; Svein Jakob Liknes, Geir Solli, Leif Aaberge, Det norske oljeselskap; Per Inge Remmen, First Geo.

Jury's reasoning:

Picking this year’s Field Operator of the year was exceptionally hard with several strong candidates. The winner has impressed with its performance throughout the year on all fronts, including reserve development, uptime and HSE. The jury is also impressed with how the winning team has been able to build a key hub in the North Sea. 


New Venture of the Year

The four nominees: eDrilling Solutions, Fishbones, MagSeis, Petrostreamz

The winner: MagSeis

May Britt Myhr; Ivar Gimse, Jan Gateman, Carl Berg, MagSeis; Arne Gulbrandsen, Rystad Energy

Jury's reasoning:

The Winner of the oil service New Venture award has developed their own proprietary solution which greatly improves efficiency and reduces time and costs in their market.

The Winner had it’s commercial breakthrough during 2014 and is experiencing a strong growth in a segment especially vulnerable to the downturn in the industry

The Winner successfully raised 500 million NOK on the Oslo stock exchange and is well positioned for further growth

With an unique OBS acquisition system, based on small, autonomous sensor capsules deployed by steel cable, the Winner is ready to shoot for the stars!


Globetrotter of the Year

The four nominees: Axess, Deep Sea Supply, Petroleum Technology Company (PTC), Øglænd System Group

The winner: Øglænd System Group

Erik Holm Reiso, Rystad Energy; Geir Seland and Geir Austigard, Øglænd System Group; Sjur Bratland, INTSOK

Jury's reasoning:

The company has built a successful business abroad over several years with recent contract wins including major projects such as Ichthys, Mariner, Filanovskaya, Yamal, Egina, Lula, Prelude, Quad 204 and Clair Ridge.

The company has invested in engineering support in London, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, St. Petersburg and Houston to secure a position higher in the value chain to get its systems designed into a project at an early stage.

2014 has been an all-time high with revenue growth of 45%, and with 76% of revenue from abroad.


Business Success of the Year

The four nominees: DNV GL, Kleven, Kongsberg Maritime, TGS

The winner: TGS

Bent KjølhamarFredrik Amundsen, TGS; Lars Lysdahl, Rystad Energy; Stein Ove Isaksen, Kjell Trommestad, Steve Butler, Matt Swan, Eivind Lyngroth, TGS; Anders Bergland, Clarkson Platou; Aleksander Olsen, TGS.

Jury's reasoning: 

The winner of the oil service Business Success award has, by firm long-term commitment to and belief in its business model, been able to weather the storm across several downturns over its more than 30 years of operation, maintaining strong revenue growth and high margins compared to its peers.

By investing counter-cyclically, the winner has generated superior returns over several years, translating into an unprecedented total return to shareholders of 925% since 2000. A proven sustainable business model, strong balance sheet and predictable dividend policy have made the company a top pick for the oil service investor community.


* All pictures taken by Jon Skille Amundsen, jon@fotografgjengen.no