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Gullkronen 2016 Winners

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The winner: Anders Farestveit

Jarand Rystad, Rystad Energy; Anders Farestveit; Helge Keilen, Offshore Media Group

Jury's Reasoning: 

This year’s winner has been a significant contributor to value creation on the NCS, not as a politician or an oil company top manager like previous Gullkronen award winners. For the first time, the honour prize winner is a true technologist. This person is the one behind technologies that makes it possible for us to see the unseenable and to understand what mother earth is saying. The prize winner has not only founded companies, but a new industry by building it from the ground up. He was perhaps the first Norwegian who made a fortune within his field. Although well into normal retirement age, he is still a major contributor to continuous renewal of this industry. He started as a student in the 1960s as Professor Sellevoll’s most outstanding student in Bergen. He was the first to measure the thickness of the Hardangerjøkulen glacier using modern technology. He then went on to measure the sedimentary basins from Svalbard to Bjørnøya for Total, who found it the most efficient operation they had ever experienced. Certainly, we are talking about the seismic industry, and the founder of Geoteam and Geco, providing images that enabled the discoveries of all the major fields on the NCS. He was a top manager of the company starting with only one person until he sold it to Schlumberger 15 years later with more than 2000 employees. He had a unique way of combining technological and geological insights into practical industrial solutions with high efficiency. In 1993, he was named Oilman of the Year by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and is an honorary doctor with the University of Bergen. Since then, he has also been focusing on catching the secrets of the S-wave through ventures like Magseis as well as exploring opportunities in the electromagnetic wave technology through companies like EMGS. He is described as a visionary, with strong instinct for competition, an able salesman, an excellent negotiator and moreover, the top class in his field.



Explorer of the Year

The four nominees: Lundin Norway, The Norwegian Government, Statoil

The winner: Lundin Norway

Nils-Henrik Bjurstrøm, Rystad Energy; Trond Kristensen, Harald Brunstad, Jon Halvard Pedersen, Lundin Norway; Halfdan Carstens, GeoPublishing

Jury's Reasoning:

2015 was a disappointing year when it comes to exploration on the NCS. However, the winner has been among the few companies to produce positive results. By choosing to maintain high activity levels through challenging times, with 13 completed wellbores, valuable discoveries have been made. Continued innovation and willingness to think differently have resulted in improved understanding of both biogenic rocks, like spiculites, and basement reservoirs on the NCS.


Business Developer of the Year

The four nominees: CapeOmega, DEA Norge, Det norske oljeselskap, Repsol Norge

The winner: Det norske oljeselskap

Arne Gulbrandsen, Rystad Energy; Lars Kristian Kildahl, Andreas Grøntvedt, Ifor Roberts, Det norske oljeselskap; Oddvar Bjørgan, Nordea Markets

Jury's reasoning:

The Business Development activity on the NCS reached record high levels in 2015 in terms of transactions. The four nominees have shown vigor and determination by taking advantage of weak market fundamentals, with transactions ranging from billion dollar deals to small yet creative acquisitions.

The winner has displayed determination and strategic planning, securing a good and complementary portfolio of discoveries and exploration acreage for the future. The winner has also shown adeptness in its deal execution, maneuvering buyer’s market with swift decision making securing further growth after Johan Sverdrup.



Project Developer of the Year

The four nominees: Det norske oljeselskap (Ivar Aasen), Lundin Norway (Edvard Grieg), Statoil (Subsea Gas Compression Projects), Wintershall (Maria)

The winner: Lundin Norway (Edvard Grieg)

Simon Sjøthun, Rystad Energy; Bente Dingen, Bjørn Johnsen, Dag Mustad, Lundin Norway; Jorunn Sætre, AGR

Jury's reasoning:

2015 saw a large number of new projects being brought on stream, and the competition for the project developer of the year award has been fierce.

The winner has reached a milestone by successfully bringing on stream its first large development project. The jury is impressed with the ability of the project organization to deliver the project on time in cooperation with experienced suppliers and other stakeholders. Through this project the operator will have the honor of opening a new chapter in the NCS history – the Utsira High.



Field Operator of the Year

The four nominees: Det norske oljeselskap (Alvheim), Statoil (Grane), Statoil (Oseberg), Wintershall (Brage)

The winner: Statoil (Grane)

Jon Marsh Duesund, Rystad Energy; Jorunn Essen, Nina Birgitte Koch, Statoil; Hildegunn T. Blindheim, Norwegian Oil & Gas

Jury's reasoning:

The operator has had a solid 2015 with improved performance across the board, increased drilling activity, steady reserve increase, successful cost reduction measures, improved production profile and regularity while maintaining a high HSE standard.

The winner has demonstrated excellent execution of ambitious plans, including successful use of new well design, and managed to be one of NCS’ most efficient and sustainable operators!



New Venture of the Year

The four nominees: Calora Subsea, Fishbones, Petrostreamz, Restrack

The winner: Fishbones

Jo Husebye, Rystad Energy; Kristian Solhaug, Eirik Renli, Fishbones; Gunnar Lille, OG21

Jury's reasoning:

The winner has managed to combine real entrepreneurship and commercial drive with strong industrial partnerships, all essential to realize new technology.

The business case is rock-solid, with the ability to increase production, reduce cost and environmental impact both onshore and offshore.

It is therefore no surprise that the winner has managed to substantially grow its revenue through a challenging year, already with a strong outlook for 2016.

In their own words “efficient, simple and accurate”, they make the oil flow easier than ever before.



Globetrotter of the Year

The four nominees: ClampOn, Petroleum Technology Company (PTC), RESMAN, TCO

The winner: ClampOn

Sjur Bratland, INTSOK; Dag Aldal, Tonje Dahl, ClampOn; Lars Eirik Nicolaisen, Rystad Energy

Jury's reasoning:

2015 has proven a difficult year for oil service companies exposed to the international market. The four nominees have all been able to adapt well to the market and secure contracts.

The winner has over time built a successful business abroad, and their products are now sold all over the world.

The winner is proactive in pursuing new opportunities, and in 2015 it practically made a clean sweep, winning multiple contracts.

While the company’s headquarters and production line in Norway, the international market represents more than 85% of its business, making this company a true globetrotter.  

Their slogan is “Always Numero Uno!” - and after being nominated Globetrotter of the Year for the fourth time, it is now officially number one. 



Business Success of the Year

The four nominees: Agility Subsea Fabrication, Aibel, Kværner, SAR

The winner: Kværner

Erik Holm Reiso, Rystad Energy; Arnt Knudsen, Ingrid Aarnes, Jan Arve Haugen, Kværner; Runar Rugtvedt, Norsk Industri

Jury's reasoning: 

The winner has consistently proven a persistent capacity to survive and thrive in a particularly risky, volatile and competitive segment of the oilfield service market. In gloomy times, the winner has shown great ability to venture with complementary business partners, expand market coverage, and drive both technology and business model innovation.

The value of this ability was clearly shown during the fall 2015 when the winner bucked the trend in the oil service market, exhibiting an 80% share price rally since early October.


* All pictures taken by Jon Skille Amundsen,