ECube (Exploration Database) provides bottom-up, up-to-date and consistent well level data relevant to understand ongoing exploration efforts. It is a dynamic source of exploration data, enabling analysis and benchmarking of companies as well as regions and basins.

ECube consists of complete tables with acreage size, acreage positions, number of commitment wells and optional wells, and committed seismic line kilometers. It allows users to review timeframes from license awards to license relinquishment for any basin. Undeveloped acreage can be compared to available acreage per country and filtered into various criteria.

Rystad Energy’s analysts update ECube on a regular basis, based on information from government sources and E&P companies. For regions where quality data is not fully available, our analysts conduct in-depth research and provide estimates to ensure the ECube data is complete. ECube comes with a user-friendly graphical interface, Cube Browser, enabling fast filtering, extraction and display of data. Data is also available in chart, table and map views. 



  • Well-by-well database tailored specifically for exploration analysis, from 79,000 assets and 18,000 producing fields
  • Historical data from 1900, including creaming curves
  • Forward-looking data to 2100, with estimates of activity levels, costs and yet-to-find volumes
  • Multidimensional data parameters, including discovered volumes, exploration costs, acreage positions, license round information and a range of reservoir parameters



  • Market analysis: Understand global exploration trend detailed into well level
  • Competitor intelligence: Analyze company exploration portfolio, activity and work commitments
  • Target screening: Identify targets and rank exploration licenses and farm-in possibilities
  • Benchmarking: Evaluate risked yet-to-find versus company prospective volumes


Ideal for

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Exploration strategists
  • Financial market: Investment banks offering reserve based lending
  • Governments and governmental agencies
  • Consulting and advisory firms


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