Map Layers
ECube comes with a set of map layers, as shown right. The green lines show the sedimentary thickness with equidistance 1 km sediment thickness. The purple lines show the USGS defined geoprovinces. The colored areas show a mapping of the global source rocks. These include the shale plays. Further red lines indicate USGS defined Total petroleum systems and blue lines USGS Assessment units. For ECube users these maps will also appear in UCube and DCube.
North Sea Exploration Wells Split by Well Results
ECube can be used to identify location and time when the wells were drilled, whether they were successful, liquid content, operators. All the splits used for wells can also be used in map mode.
Work Commitments
Published work commitments are included in ECube. Often work commitments are not, or only partly published. In these cases a typical exploration program may be estimated. The origin of the data is visible. Work commitments provide insight into what are typical commitment terms in different regions. For seismic providers and rig owners the work commitments give indications on the operators’ plans, and thus insight into concrete upcoming market opportunities. The table shows work commitments on some Angolan licenses: Phase durations “scouted” are from the work program, “estimated” are “most likely” based on analyst assessment. Work program wells are from the work program, if not given “Scouted planned wells” is analyst estimate based on company reporting.
Exploration Wells in the UK by Reservoir Rock Period
When available information about reservoir rock is provided. Reservoir rocks are classified by era, period , series epoch, and stage age, depending on the information available.
Licensed Acreage in West Africa by Top 10 Companies
With a complete coverage of licenses and undeveloped acreage, users can use ECube to analyze which companies are active in a certain region, compare competitors’ acreage positions and evaluate their likely exploration strategy.
Exploration Cost per BOE Discovered Volume
ECube provides the user with the ability to quickly analyze, compare and benchmark various geographies like countries or continents, as shown in the chart, as well as companies. Since ECube provides expected discovered recoverable resources and the exploration CAPEX, one can divide these values on an annual basis to get the USD invested per bbl oil equivalent discovered.
Basin Creaming Curve
Since ECube contains discoveries by well, it enables users to draw creaming curves.
Discovered Volumes by Country
ECube allows users to explore discovered volumes by region, country or operator.

Case Examples are for the purpose of illustrating different scenarios on how to use our databases. Graphs are updated on an irregular basis and are not bound to reflect latest activities.