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OMTReport (Global Oil Market Trends Report) provides consistent and up-to-date representation and analysis of global oil supply, demand and market trends with short and medium-term forecasts. The OMTReport is based on in-house analysis of Rystad Energy’s bottom-up approach to data and combines macro fundamentals research with individual company research. Unlike desktop analysis, the report presents data and analysis on global supply on a field-by-field basis, including economics and cost of supply. The report assists subscribers with a comprehensive oil market overview to conduct strategic, trading or hedging decisions.

OMTReport includes Rystad Energy’s monthly market view for oil price direction and forward curve development, explanation of market fundamentals, global supply & demand history and outlook, cost of supply curves, as well as regional variations based on our bottom-up approach to data.

As a subscriber, you will receive access to monthly PDF issues of our report and a complementary introductory webinar. 



  • Short-term forecast for one year ahead, including global liquids supply, demand and market balances
  • Medium-term forecast for five years ahead for global oil market balances
  • Bottom-up, field-by-field analysis of global supply, using data from UCube 
  • Views on oil price direction and forward curve development, both short and medium-term



  • Macro analysis: Understand the global demand and supply picture and the key drivers behind changes in oil prices
  • Strategy/Trading: Support for developing your individual market view in order to make strategic, trading or hedging decisions
  • Benchmarking: Gain insight to independent, alternative data on supply & demand to perform benchmark analysis against agencies’ (IEA, EIA etc.) data


Ideal for

  • Financial market: Traders, asset managers, hedge funds and private equity funds, investment banks
  • Corporates: consumers and producers (shipping, airlines, manufacturing)
  • Exploration & production and oilfield service companies
  • Refineries and petrochemical companies
  • Midstream companies, oil storage and logistics companies
  • Government organizations and National Oil Companies

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