Global Oil and Gas Production
Use UCube to assess global oil and gas production, split by life cycle, unconventional v.s conventional, region, country, asset, operator.
Cost of Supply per Country
With UCube, users can assess the cost of supply by region, country, operator, asset, and identify winners and losers amid changing oil prices.
Company's Production by Assets
Estimate historical and forecast production level per company, ranking by assets and their life cycle.
Production of Majors by Region
Benchmark resources and production of majors, NOCs, IOCs, splitting into assets, regions, countries.
Fiscal Regimes
Characterize asset by fiscal regimes, including production sharing contracts or tax/royalty regimes.
Asset or Company Screening
UCube can be used for asset screening. As an example, one can screen oil fields in North and West Africa that are producing early (producing < 25% of reserves), under development and not operated by majors or NOCs. UCube returns 69 assets with data on operator, ownership, water depth, forecast production and economics, including tax regime. When screening for companies, users can make a selection based on company types, geographic location, production levels, resource base, and so forth.

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