UCube Rank


Ready-made, field-by-field benchmark analysis of the global upstream oil and gas industry for people on the go!

Who is the largest oil producer in the world? Who had the largest exploration success last year? Which E&P company has the lowest operating costs and the highest return on capital? Which country has the highest government take?

Find answers in UCubeRank, a new platform to access UCube data. Data is sorted in a number of ranked lists, making it easy to benchmark across many dimensions.

Key features

•  Production, reserves and resources data
•  Cost of supply split by country, company and field type
•  Hydrocarbon types
•  Company economics

When to use it

• When you want a quick overview of a company or a market
• When you want to do benchmarking within the E&P sector
• When you want to access data outside of our Cube Browser

Ideal for senior management in:

• Oil and gas companies
• Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
• Oil service companies
• Governments and governmental agencies
• Consulting and advisory firms
• Research institutions


Learn more about UCubeRank at ranks.rystadenergy.com



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