Analyst comments
Upstream Asset Reports include summary notes and field description from our expert analysts, covering field overview, reservoir details, development concept, recovery strategy and transportation details.
Field summary
Summary page provides a condensed overview of key field details - location, ownership, production and key economic parameters.
Asset Reports provides users with area maps with different detail levels as well as an exploration map for the area.
Production profile and scenarios
Asset production profile, key production metrics and resource estimates can be found in Upstream Asset Reports. We also look in detail into producing wells, hub production and production scenarios with different prices.
Field Economics and Valuation
Asset Reports provide complete analysis of the field economics and valuation. Revenue, cash flow, taxes, fiscal regimes, capex, opex as well as valuation in different scenarios and other economic parameters can be found in each Asset Report.
Field transactions
The latest field transactions and M&A activity are listed in the Asset Report
High Impact Wells
Provides an overview of some of the most exciting wildcat wells planned throughout the year. A detailed report is published annually while the periodic updates from ECube are provided as a part of the monthly Upstream Trends Report.

Report examples are for the purpose of illustrating some of the analysis presented in the report. Examples are updated on an irregular basis and are not bound to reflect latest activities.