UCube Free


UCubeFree is a limited version of Rystad Energy’s Upstream Database UCube. It is an ideal tool for anyone who needs up-to-date insights into the upstream oil and gas industry on a daily basis. With UCubeFree, we wish to aim towards more transparency in the oil and gas business.

UCubeFree contains historical and forecasted global production data, based on the 65,000 assets in UCube. The data is split further by country, hydrocarbon type, and producing versus non-producing resources.

Our analysts update the database on a monthly basis with latest new discoveries and production changes. UCubeFree is available through Rystad Energy's proprietary Cube Browser, a user-friendly interface enabling easily display and extract the data for your analysis. 

UCubeFree is accessed using Rystad Energy's proprietary Cube Browser. The UCubeFreeRank ranks version is available on ranks.rystadenergy.com or through the "Rystad Energy Ranks" app, available in Appstore and Google Play.

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  • Global oil and gas production from 1970-2040
  • Life cycle data, including producing fields, fields under development, discoveries, exploration licenses



  • Benchmarking: Compare production level by countries
  • Anyone who would like immediate insights into our historical & forecasted production data



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