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NORWEPCube is a comprehensive field-by-field database, covering E&P purchases for key offshore regions. The database is a single source tool containing oilfield service demand for E&P companies broken down onto 15 service segments. NORWEPCube is an ideal tool for market analysis, strategy and business development, benchmarking, project opportunity screening, operator portfolio analysis, evaluation of the oilfield services supplier market, among others. NORWEPCube is exclusively available for NORWEP partners.

Background: NORWEPCube is the source of all graphed and tabulated market expenditure data in the Annual Offshore Oil & Gas Market Report prepared by Rystad Energy for NORWEP (previously INTSOK) since 2010. The data foundation of the report stems from the proprietary bottom-up databases UCube (Upstream Database) and ServiceCube (Oil Service Demand and Supply Databases). In August 2018, at the same time as NORWEP published AOMR 2018, Rystad Energy released NORWEPCube for the first time.

NORWEPCube includes data for around 12,000 assets and over 500 operators. Data is further split along market dimensions such as geography, water depth, facility type and field life cycle for all fields, discoveries and exploration licenses in the offshore regions covered.

NORWEPCube is updated monthly based on publicly available company information, market studies and Rystad Energy’s internal upstream research and analysis. NORWEPCube comes with our desktop application Cube Browser – a user-friendly graphical interface, enabling fast filtering, extraction and display of data. Data is available in chart, table and map views.



  • E&P purchases over the capex- and opex budget across all offshore markets globally
  • Data spanning from 2015 to 2024

  • 19 regions covered: 18 NORWEP markets (Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, United Kingdom, United States) plus Norway
  • Field-by-field offshore database consisting of 12,000 fields, discoveries and licenses (assets) and over 500 operators

  • E&P spending split by key parameters such as geography, asset, water depth, development solution and field life cycle, among others

  • 15 oilfield service segments covered:

    • Reservoir and Seismic (EPC and Topside Equipment; Engineering; Procurement, Construction and Installation; Systems, Equipment, Piping and Valves)
    • Subsea (SURF; Subsea Equipment; Subsea Services)
    • Well (Rigs and Drilling Contractors; Drilling Systems and Equipment; Downhole and Well Services)
    • Operations (Operational Services; Maintenance Services; EI&T; Logistics and Transportation; Decommissioning)
  • Access to analysts and 24/7 support

  • Monthly updates

  • Exclusively available for NORWEP partners



  • Macro overview: Explore upstream expenditure in key offshore regions by oil service segment, geography, field life cycle and development solution
  • Oilfield market analysis: Understand trends, development and size of individual oilfield service markets
  • Cost analysis: Benchmark project costs, cost breakdowns, cost phasing and estimate new developments
  • Strategy & Business development: Identify geographies and segments with potential future growth
  • Opportunity screening: Get an immediate overview of E&P operator portfolios and their future spending plans
  • Business intelligence: Find sales opportunities for oilfield products and services in existing and new markets


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