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Regional Service Analytics


Regional Service Analytics offers subscribers a complete regional review of local service markets, including historical data and bottom-up forecasts – ideal for oilfield service suppliers and investors.

As a part of Regional Service Analytics, the regional reports analyze more than 1,000 oil service companies to provide insight into regional service market size and growth, business opportunities and competitor analysis. They contain useful field-by-field information such as CAPEX and OPEX, as well as expected and known upcoming modification projects for all global regions, and revenue and market share within relevant segments. Regional Service Analytics draws upon in-house data covering over 65,000 global assets to provide up to date information about all purchases relating to regional specific oil and gas fields and licenses, as well as rig activity, subsea installations, well completions, and oil service company revenues. This includes complete coverage of costs and investments across all oilfield service segments.

Region covered: Africa, Australia, Middle East, North-America, North-West Europe, Russia, South America, South Asia, South East Asia



  • Insights into each region, including historic and future development of oil and gas exploration activity, production and investments

  • Segment-by-segment review, split into 6 macro segments, 11+ core segments, and further into 50+ detailed categories

  • Field-by-field status review, including complete overview of all installations, recent discoveries, new project sanctioning, recently performed large modifications, and upcoming modification projects



  • Macro overview: Understand market size, growth and key trends affecting the operating environment on a regional level

  • Competitor intelligence: Identify relevant competitors and analyze their revenues and activities

  • Opportunity screening: Explore acquisition candidates across the value chain



  • Oilfield service companies

  • Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A

  • Governments and governmental agencies

  • Consulting and advisory firms


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