Company Revenue Table Listings
All SCube data points are accessible in table format with export functions. Use table view to extract company information and revenue numbers such as integration level, group name, ticker, company size and so forth.
Short-Term Outlook
SCube company forecast offers a fundamental activity forecast based on exposure to geographies and segments. An ideal way to explore any base case projections.
Market Analysis
SCube gives users an overview of revenues, filtered by year, company, geography, or segment to investigate the leaders in the market.
Revenue of Big Four in Europe
SCube can be used to compare historic success for different markets and different segments. Oil service companies can identify in their peer group which company has potential to grow and capture more market share in various segments and regions.
Oil Service Revenue Split by Geography
With SCube, users can compare oil service revenues across geographies, from region to country.
Revenue by Reported Segments and SCube Segments
SCube can be used to get historical and forecast revenue for reported segments, compare and benchmark oil service companies across the same segments.

Case Examples are for the purpose of illustrating different scenarios on how to use our databases. Graphs are updated on an irregular basis and are not bound to reflect latest activities.