Total SURF expenditures in Europe, North America and Africa
With SCube contracts data, users can match service companies order intake with the total volume of awarded contracts to understand how the order intake may develop in the future.
Contracted rigs in 2017 for selected operators
With RigCube users can match E&P operators and their contracted Rig Owners to perform benchmarking, competition analysis and achieve business development goals.
Recent OFS contract awards
With SCube users can track latest OFS contract awards. Information can be split by E&P operator, Service Company, 55+ Service segments, date, field and value of the award, water depth, geography and other details. All of the data can be presented in chart, table and map views.

Case Examples are for the purpose of illustrating different scenarios on how to use our databases. Graphs are updated on an irregular basis and are not bound to reflect latest activities.