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Take a deep dive into the global subsea market with Subsea Analytics, offering access to our in-depth subsea reports, factsheets, and commentaries. This is an indispensable tool for understanding subsea market trends around the world.

Our reports and regular commentaries within Subsea Analytics cover topics like subsea market trends, subsea units and SURF demand, E&P operator spending on subsea equipment and installation, market shares, recent contract awards and much more. Subsea Analytics also offers information on historic and forecasted subsea installation and spending plans for projects, operators and regions. Our analysts continuously monitor the market and conduct in-depth research to provide high-quality, timely, independent intelligence to our clients.

Subsea Analytics reports are available online through our Client Portal. The Client Portal allows users to quickly navigate through an extensive library of research and analysis, save relevant reports and receive email alerts when new content is available. In addition, our Rystad Energy Analytics mobile app provides easy access to timely commentaries, reports, and factsheets on your mobile phone. Subsea Analytics is powered by our SubseaCube as well as our other oilfield service databases and is included with the SubseaCube database subscription.



  • Reports: Our quarterly Subsea Market Report presents key insights and observations regarding the latest developments in the global subsea market.

  • Factsheets: Library of quantitative snapshots derived from our SubseaCube database on every project, continent, contractor and operator.

    • Project factsheets: spending and activity details for offshore projects

    • Contractor and Operator factsheets: spending and activity profiles for 500 E&P operators

    • Continent factsheets: Capex and Opex activities outlook across regions

    • Service segment factsheets: key demand trends for 50+ service segments
  • Commentaries: Frequent commentaries offer the latest updates and in-depth analysis of the subsea market around the globe.



  • Macro analysis: Understand global subsea trends, including demand trends of subsea components
  • Market analysis: Research the subsea market by geography, operator and subsea component  
  • Strategy and business development: Assess strategy and perform subsea capacity analyses
  • Opportunity screening: Get an immediate overview of E&P operator portfolios and their future field developments
  • Benchmarking: Identify key market players and analyze their performance




  • Oilfield service companies: Executives, Senior Managers and Strategy Analysts
  • Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research, and M&A
  • Oil and gas companies: Procurement specialists
  • Consulting and advisory firms


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