WellCube (Global Well Database) is a single source tool, providing access into details for every oil and gas well drilled globally. The tool helps to understand macro and micro trends within well drilling and completion, evaluate rig demand as well as dig into detailed well characteristics including drilling lengths and drilling time. WellCube is an ideal solution for market analysis, benchmarking, trend analysis, strategy and business development.

WellCube covers 2,000,000 wells and includes data for more than 40,000 oil and gas fields and 2,400 E&P operators. Data is further split along market dimensions such as geography, on-/offshore, water depth, well type, reservoir type and field life cycle for all fields, discoveries and exploration licenses globally.

WellCube is updated monthly based on publicly available company and regulatory information, market studies and Rystad Energy’s internal research and analysis. WellCube comes with a user-friendly graphical interface, Cube Browser, enabling fast filtering, extraction and display of data. Data is also available in chart, table and map views.



  • Coverage of 2,000,000 wells globally 
  • Historical and forecasted data from 2000 to 2025
  • Well count and rig demand for 40,000 assets and 2,400 operators
  • Detailed Well information including well drilled, active wells (producers or injectors), drilling length, drilling time and implied rig demand
  • Well count split by geography, on-/offshore, water depth and field life cycle and range of other dimensions
  • The most comprehensive database in the market with full global coverage of wells and well characteristics
  • Monthly PDF reports and commentaries covering latest updates in the drilling and completion markets as well as regular industry presentations across the globe
  • Access to analysts and 24/7 support



  • Macro analysis: Understand historical and future global well drilling and completion market
  • Market analysis: Analyze trends and size of any well driven market
  • Strategy & Business development: Identify geographies and target E&P operators based on future demand
  • Benchmarking: Examine drilling trends and development plans for different countries or operators
  • Opportunity screening: Screen for markets suitable for your products and services


Ideal for

  • Oilfield service companies
  • Oil and gas companies: Procurement and supply chain analysis
  • Financial market: Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
  • Governments and governmental agencies
  • Consulting and advisory firms


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