Global wells drilled and completed
Bottom-up data allows users to split well count down to countries and projects to understand what drives the outlook for drilling and completion markets.
Effective rig demand by countries
Analyze the rig demand for countries, operators and fields to investigate how many rigs is required to drill associated wells on a field level.
Required drilling time by countries
WellCube allows to monitor and forecast drilling efficiency. Users can benchmark countries and operators to understand drilling efficiency improvements, as well as assess the total drilling time required, on a well level.
Operator drilling plans
Get insights into E&P operators’ activity: where do they drill, what do they drill and what they would need in terms of wells and rigs. Analyze which operators are more sensitive against oil price fluctuations than others.
Well characteristics
Explore well characteristics such as reservoir type, hydrocarbon type, reservoir pressure and temperature to identify and evaluate your target markets.
Project drilling plans
Understand the drilling schedule for projects by analyzing well and rig demand on thousands of projects worldwide.

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