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Gas Market Analytics provides comprehensive and fact-based analysis of medium- to long-term global gas market fundamentals. It is an ideal solution for executives, senior managers and analysts for conducting strategic decisions.

Gas Market Analytics helps our clients stay updated on main gas and LNG developments as well as understand their impact on international market fundamentals. Gas Market Analytics is powered by our integrated, comprehensive proprietary databases providing broad and in-depth coverage of upstream data.

Gas Market Analytics includes the following reports, commentaries and data:

  • A monthly Gas Market Report providing extensive regional analysis of gas market supply and demand, coal-to-gas competition, international gas and LNG trade, as well as macroeconomic analysis with price forecast. It also offers insights into renewable energy trends.
  • Frequent Gas Market Commentaries with updates on the gas and LNG industry trends, an overview of the international market development and other significant market-moving trends.
  • Excel Downloads – access to background data for charts and tables from the report.

Gas Market Analytics is delivered through PDF reports and available online at our Client Portal. The Portal allows users to quickly navigate through extensive library of our upstream research and analysis, save relevant reports and get email alerts when the new content is available. In addition, our Rystad Energy Analytics mobile app provides easy access to timely commentaries, reports, and factsheets on your mobile phone.


  • Recent gas market developments and their impact on the spot market
  • Medium- to long-term forecast of market fundamentals by region
  • LNG focus with an overview of trade and global market balances
  • Project economics covering CAPEX, OPEX and contract prices
  • Price forecast for main regional hubs
  • Trends in the renewable energy sector and its impact on gas demand



  • Macro analysis: Learn medium- to long-term forecast of market fundamentals by region
  • Strategy: Shape your strategic decisions based on our an up-to-date and fact-based gas and LNG market overview and price forecasts for main regional hubs
  • Benchmarking: Compare projects based on economic indicators
  • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of industry events on the medium- to long-term gas market



Executives, senior managers, and analysts at:

  • E&P companies
  • Investment funds
  • Governmental institutions
  • Utilities and industrial consumers


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