Oil Market Analytics


Oil Market Analytics provides comprehensive and up-to-date insight into the short- and medium-term global oil markets. It is an ideal solution for traders, asset managers and investors exposed to the oil market.

Oil Market Analytics is powered by our integrated, comprehensive proprietary databases providing broad and in-depth coverage of upstream data, including our monthly asset-by-asset forecasts, well-by-well forecasts, and resulting individual crude stream forecasts. Additionally leveraged by individual discussions with industry experts, our product provides our clients with unique insights into the current state of the oil market and its future outlook.

Delivered through a number of frequent and timely reports and commentaries, the subscriber will get complete coverage of oil market fundamentals such as supply, demand, balances and inventories.

  • A monthly Oil Market Demand Report provides insight into global short-term oil demand with a focus on individual country demand trends.
  • A monthly Oil Market Balances Report gives a comprehensive overview of the short-term supply and demand fundamentals with focus on demand, supply, field outages, balances, inventories and positioning of traders. Our readers will also receive a special segment analysis of US supply fundamentals, including US shale.
  • A quarterly Oil Market Trends Report provides our medium-term oil market outlook with focus on fundamental supply and demand trends as well as upstream trends such as field start-ups, exploration, field decline, reserves and cost-of-supply.
  • Weekly Oil Market Commentaries provide Rystad Energy’s forecast on crude inventories change, view on supply volumes affected by current and future field outages as well as market-driven commentaries on selected topics.

Oil Market Analytics is delivered through PDF reports and available online at our Client Portal. The Portal allows users to quickly navigate through an extensive library of our upstream research and analysis, save relevant reports and get email alerts when new content is available. In addition, our Rystad Energy Analytics mobile app provides easy access to timely commentaries, reports, and factsheets on your mobile phone.



  • Deep dive into individual country demand trends
  • Overview of market-moving fundamentals: demand, supply, field outages, balances, inventories and positioning of traders
  • Coverage of upstream trends: field start-ups, exploration, field decline, reserves and cost-of-supply
  • Weekly commentaries with weekly forecast of US production, imports, exports and refinery runs
  • Weekly commentary on impact of the outages on total supply by crude stream 



  • Macro analysis: Analyze the global demand and supply picture and the key drivers behind changes in oil prices, understand the fundamental impact of events and new market information
  • Strategy: Develop individual market views in order to make the right strategic decisions
  • Benchmarking: Compare country and company research and perform breakeven analysis
  • Make informed trading and investment decisions
  • Direct and easy access to Rystad Energy’s senior oil markets
  • Detailed representation of the background data in tables included in reports 



Traders, asset managers and analysts exposed to the oil market:

  • Physical Oil traders
  • Paper traders
  • Investors
  • Corporate companies (Hedgers)
  • Midstream players
  • Downstream players
  • Macro funds and generalists


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