Oil Market Update provides a condensed overview of Rystad Energy’s analysis of short- and medium-term global oil markets. It is an ideal solution for everyone who wants to improve his or her general understanding of oil market fundamentals.

With the Oil Market Update our clients will obtain timely and regular forecasts of oil supply and demand as well as oil prices. The Oil Market Update report is based on Rystad Energy’s integrated and comprehensive proprietary databases providing broad and in-depth coverage of upstream data. Our readers will benefit from the supply analysis based on company, country, geological research and trade flows, aggregated from asset-by-asset granularity. Our granular demand analysis based on macroeconomic indicators, country-level analysis, and demand trends within product segments provides a detailed overview of global oil consumption trends.

Oil Market Update is delivered through PDF reports and available online at our Client Portal. The Portal allows users to quickly navigate through an extensive library of our upstream research and analysis, save relevant reports and get email alerts when new content is available.



  • Short-term forecast for up to two years ahead, including global liquids supply, demand and market balances
  • Medium-term forecast for five years ahead for global oil market balances
  • Bottom-up, field-by-field analysis of global supply, including our monthly asset-by-asset forecasts, well-by-well forecasts, and resulting individual crude stream forecasts.
  • Views on oil price direction and forward curve development, both short- and medium-term



  • Macro analysis: stay up-to-date on the latest oil market developments and the medium-term view
  • Strategy: base your strategic decisions on high-quality analysis of fact-based, granular data
  • Receive Rystad Energy’s forecasts for supply, demand and oil prices timely and regularly


ideal for

Everyone with a need for a fact-based, up-to-date understanding of the oil market

  • Managers and strategists at corporations with exposure to oil
  • Macro fund portfolio managers and generalists with an exposure to oil through oil companies, indices, interest rates, oil currencies


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