Case Examples

Large scale project pipeline
Comprehensive coverage and tracking of renewable energy projects allows users to understand where projects sit in the development cycle, and how industry sectors are evolving.
PPA counterparties
Understand which companies and organizations are driving renewable project development through our detailed tracking of power purchase agreements at the project level.
Capacity by panel manufacturer
Explore the market shares of equipment suppliers targeting large-scale renewable projects at different stages of the development cycle, for solar panels, solar trackers and wind turbines
EPC portfolios
Examine which EPC contractors are engaged on which projects, offering valuable insights into the competitive EPC environment and determine the market shares of EPC participants.
Market share by equity interest
Analyze the ownership structure of the renewables sector by energy type and development status, helping to understand the major players in the industry and their portfolios.

Case Examples are for the purpose of illustrating different scenarios on how to use our databases. Graphs are updated on an irregular basis and are not bound to reflect latest activities.