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NASMaps (North American Shale Maps) is a unique package of detailed maps for key shale gas and tight oil plays in the US and Canada. NASMaps provides subscribers with the opportunity to look at the combined portfolio of selected companies within one play, analyze companies’ acreage and look for possible farm-in/farm-out opportunities.

NASMaps originates from primary sources such as company reports, state data, government reports and academic papers. The prospectivity maps are constructed based on geologic inputs such as depth, thickness and thermal maturity. The acreage maps represent an approximate location of company gross acreage (not the legal boundaries) as presented publicly in the latest investor presentations. NASMaps provides the coverage of the key plays in the US and Canada, including Alberta Bakken, Bakken, Barnett, Cardium, Duvernay, Eagle Ford, Fayetteville, Haynesville, Horn River, Marcellus, Mississippian Lime, Montney, Niobrara, Panhandle, Permian, Uinta-Piceance, Utica, Woodford and Spirit River.

We provide NASMaps in optional formats on a quarterly basis: PDF files with interactive layers and embedded attribute information, and GIS files with embedded attribute information and style definitions for import to GIS software.



  • Geology maps with isolines for depth, thickness and thermal maturity 
  • Prospectivity maps based on geologic inputs
  • Acreage maps for selected top companies, 15-20 companies per play
  • Well locations with indication of initial production levels 



  • Shale play analysis: Measure depth, thickness and thermal maturity 
  • Exploration: Identify prospectivity for different shale plays
  • Benchmarking: Benchmark competitor activities using acreage maps


ideal for

  • North American shale operators
  • Financial market participants
  • Oilfield services companies
  • Consulting and advisory firms
  • Research institutions



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