Shale Upstream Analytics


Shale Upstream Analytics provides clients with a high-quality, comprehensive and up-to-date overview of shale oil and gas activities in the US and Canada. It is an ideal solution for those who want to enhance their shale oil and gas market analysis, improve peer group benchmarking and guide important investment decisions.

With Shale Upstream Analytics clients get the following reports and commentaries:

  • Shale Trends Report provides analysis of key trend developments in the North American tight oil and shale gas plays. It covers M&A activity, productivity metrics for drilling, completion and fracking markets, well productivity and well economics and is delivered on a monthly basis. In addition, our clients will get both short- and medium-term projections on production, spending and valuation metrics.
  • Shale Play Reports provide comprehensive play-level analysis. These monthly reports give an overview of geology and play prospectivity, operator benchmarking with maps on acreage positions, historical activity review as well as medium-term forecast.
  • Shale Commentaries deliver regular insights and analysis into selected topics and recent news and trends.

Our analysts continuously monitor the market and conduct in-depth research to provide high-quality, timely and independent intelligence to clients.

Shale Upstream Analytics is delivered through PDF reports and available online at our Client Portal. The Portal allows users to quickly navigate through our extensive library of research and analysis, save relevant reports and get email alerts when the new content is available. In addition, our Rystad Energy Analytics mobile app provides easy access to timely commentaries, reports, and factsheets on your mobile phone.



  • M&A activity overview and analyses
  • Productivity metrics for drilling, completion, fracking market, well productivity and well economics
  • Short- and medium-term projections for production, spending, and valuation
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date play-level analysis with geology and play prospectively overview
  • Frequent commentaries on selected topics, latest news and trends
  • Access to analysts direct discussions with Rystad Energy experts



  • Market analysis: Analyze the history of and the forecast for North American shale gas and tight oil production, investments and spending
  • Strategy & business development: Evaluate historical company performance and forecast
  • Benchmarking and deal screening: Compare production, completion and well productivity of operators within a peer group, identify targets for acquisitions
  • Easy online access: Quickly and easily access our library of shale analysis and insights anywhere, anytime
  • High-quality expert insights: Access pre-made analysis from leading industry experts and get even more context from direct discussions with our analysts
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and events in the market


Ideal for

Executives, senior managers and analysts working in:

  • Exploration & Production companies
  • Investors, investment banking, equity research and M&A
  • Oilfield service companies
  • Consulting and advisory firms
  • Research institutions




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