Frac Sand Demand Trends in the Permian – Delaware
Shale Intelligence gives clients play-by-play analysis and insights into frac sand demand trends
Regional Minegate Frac Sand Price Forecast
Shale Intelligence provides clients with frac sand price forecasts broken down by sand type (in-basin sand, northern white sand and brown sand)
Frac Sand Trucks on Road per Day
Shale Intelligence looks at the various bottlenecks in the industry and quantifies them, thus enabling clients to plan and mitigate industry issues
Frac Water Demand in US Land
Shale Intelligence shows the frac water demand level on a play-by-play basis
Proppant Intensity Analysis in the Permian – Delaware
Use Shale Intelligence to evaluate proppant intensity trends among the “Leaders” and “Laggards” in the various shale plays
US Land: D&C Activity Forecast
Shale Intelligence provides clients with play-by-play forecasts for wells spud, wells fracked, frac stages and stimulated length
HHP Requirement for Bakken
Shale Intelligence provides clients with play-by-play horsepower requirements with trend analysis
US Land Active Horizontal Frac Fleets
Shale Intelligence tracks active horizontal frac fleets by basin and provides market estimates moving forward
US Frac Horsepower Forecast
Shale Intelligence provides insights into equipment categories and projections for future forecasts

Case Examples are for the purpose of illustrating different scenarios on how to use our databases. Graphs are updated on an irregular basis and are not bound to reflect latest activities.