UCubeNAm (North American Upstream Database) provides consistent and up-to-date data covering all on- and offshore assets in the US and Canada. It enables users to evaluate different asset portfolios and assess growth of production by companies and plays.

UCubeNAm covers all acreage positions as well as all offshore fields. For each asset there are historical and forecasted production profiles, well count and spending profiles from 1900 to 2100. In addition, UCubeNAm includes acreage size, resources, breakeven prices and analysis for different price scenarios.

Our analysts collect and analyze data from state, government and company reports to build forecasts for production by company, plays and assets. UCubeNAm comes with an easy-to-use graphical interface allowing fast filtering, display and extraction of data within a chart, table, map view and factsheets. The database is updated on a monthly basis.



  • All on- and offshore assets in the US and Canada
  • Coverage for all acreage positions, 95 shale plays, and 140 shale sub-plays
  • Historical production from 1900 and forecast to 2100, split by oil, condensate, NGL & gas
  • Extensive economical assessments, including valuation analysis for four different price scenarios and breakeven oil and gas prices for producing and undeveloped wells
  • Asset, company and country factsheets for all assets in North America



  • Market Analysis: Understand market trends for the entire North American Upstream
  • Strategy & Business development: Evaluate production growth and perform valuation analysis
  • Benchmarking: Compare competitor profiles and their performance
  • Deal Screening: Identify targets for acquisitions or farm-ins


Ideal for

  • Exploration & Production companies
  • Financial market: Investment banks, equity research
  • Oilfield service companies
  • Consulting and advisory firms




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