Spudded, Completed, Started Wells and Implied DUC Inventory
NASCube provides an economics overview of the shale companies including spending, cashflow profile (OPEX, tax, and free cashflow), NPV and wellhead breakeven analysis among others
Spudded Wells based on Oil Price Scenarios
NASCube allows to build scenario analysis of the spudded wells based on different oil price forecasts
Shale Remaining Resources
NASCube provides an overview of the remaining resources in different shale plays
Asset Breakeven by Life Cycle
NASCube evaluates the breakeven oil price of an asset in different stages of its life cycle, from the awarded but undiscvovered to the producing stage.
Shale Play Breakeven Distribution
NASCube reflects the breakeven oil price distribution on the map allowing to visually evaluate the profitability of the plays and the respective assets

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