Power Solution

Make informed decisions, quickly and accurately, in the rapidly evolving power sector with our detailed data on power generation, distribution and scenario forecasts by country and sector.


With the enormous demand growth for electricity and increasing focus on decarbonized power, understanding in granular detail the power market and its resources is critical in assessing business cases for new and existing assets. Rystad Energy's Power Solution has been designed to answer fundamental questions about the restructuring of our power systems and support the effective planning of affordable and reliable power resources.

Offering both global and local data, it comprises of a power asset database that enables you to analyze long-term trends in power supply, demand, installed capacity, fuel demand and emissions. It also helps you stay on top of the power generation mix and understand where demand for power generation will come from. 

The service covers the entire spectrum of power resources, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, bioenergy, nuclear, gas, coal, liquids and energy storage systems. 

Our Power Solution

In the race to tackle climate change, many of the world`s biggest economies are targeting net zero emissions by 2050. But where does the country’s power sector stand in the transition to carbon neutrality? Be on top of the global power mix evolution with our Power Solution.

How can this help you

Energy Companies

Access our highly granular power database to gain a deeper understanding of the power landscape:

  • Analyze power generation trends and understand their impact on power prices

  • Forecast power demand and effectively define the needs for new power resources

  • Assess renewables vs fossil fuel capacity, emissions and need for storage


Get full visibility into the power markets and leverage market insights to improve decisions, understand industry dynamics, spot investment opportunities and assess risks:

  • Identify new power generation capacity or storage and monitor price forecasts

  • Analyze company generation portfolios

  • Build and assess new power project business cases


Develop national power strategies with our country-specific, asset-level data and insights:

  • Analyze how fast power demand will grow under different scenarios and evaluate the need for renewable capacity and the future need for conventional energy sources

  • Keep track of policy developments, understand recent developments in some of the major electricity markets and get an overview of major investments in the sector

  • Review emissions data up to 2050, and how it lines up with country-specific policies and targets

How we deliver value

Access our highly granular power database to gain a deeper understanding of the power landscape, including:

  • Existing and planned power generation assets with location and capacity
  • How electricity demand will evolve over the next 30 years
  • Power market trends, renewables vs. traditional energy sources

Get actionable analysis, forecasts, and news with our:

  • Weekly and ongoing analysis of market-moving events
  • Monthly reports describing key issues, project updates, latest trends and events in the Power market
  • Regional reports discussing policies and the evolution of the power mix

Bespoke consulting engagements delivered by our industry specialists.

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    Our approach

    We combine cutting edge technology with our proprietary approach to deliver unique analysis of the energy space.