REview: The stickiness of oil demand

Following a brief hiatus in May, Claudio Galimberti and Manash Goswami are back with a new edition of REview. Together they discuss Rystad Energy's latest medium-term outlook for oil demand, where we see prices remaining well supported amid a drawdown in inventory, steady demand growth in sectors such as aviation and prolonged geopolitical tensions, both in the Middle East and Russia/Ukraine. The latest OPEC+ move and a resurgence of the geopolitical risk premium will help bolster prices even though consumption for road transport fuels slows.

We look forward to joining you again for our next edition.

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Claudio Galimberti  

Senior Vice President, Head of North America Analysis

Manash Goswami  

Vice President, Analytics

(The data and forecasts contained in this column are Rystad Energy’s and the opinions are of the authors.)