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Note from the CEO - February 2024

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Saudi Arabia: Shifting sands, resilience and exaggerations

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Energy transition impact on the European Power Sector whitepaper

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Although material price inflation is slowing somewhat, 2024 will likely bring new risks associated with freight, labor and financing.

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Hydrogen in 2024 – reality hits home

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OPEC, geopolitics and macro headwinds counterbalance to keep oil prices in a narrow range

Newly launched flagship report: Global Energy Scenarios 2023

Our new flagship report, Global Energy Scenarios 2023, presents a comprehensive look at peak emissions, technology tipping points and decarbonization pathways for the global energy system. It provides a unique perspective of the future of energy and how sectors and countries can decarbonize and reduce emissions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Dive into the key findings and get the executive summary here.

Press release

Enable or inhibit: Power grids, key to the energy transition, require $3.1 trillion in investments by 2030

Renewable energy developments continue at break-neck speed, with $644 billion to be spent on new capacity in 2024, but outdated and inadequate power grids could prove to be a significant stumbling block to the energy transition. If the world is to limit global warming to 1.8 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, $3.1 trillion of grid infrast...

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Our bottom-up approach collects data points at the lowest level of granularity to create a complete and detailed analysis.

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Our online library of in-depth reports, articles, and factsheets provides a comprehensive overview of the global energy markets.

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Powerful data and analysis on O&G supply, demand, investment opportunities, portfolio valuation, benchmarking and much more.
Research and analysis of regional and national power mixes, market trends and price moves that helps operators and providers keep the lights on.
Flexible analytics on historical and future investment data, capacity additions, contract awards, pricing, suppliers and the latest project activities.
Leading data and expert analysis covering the wind sector, including supply and demand of wind turbines, installation projects and future forecasts.
Timely asset-level data and deep insights on the evolving world of hydrogen from a team of expert analysts.
In-depth insights and commentaries on the geothermal sector, including development, regional growth opportunities, subsurface systems and the latest technology.
Make better decisions with our expert analysis and granular data on carbon pricing and the fast-moving carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) sector.
Batteries analytics and advisory services from mining and cell production to regional demand across transportation and energy storage.