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Energy Transition

Identify risks and opportunities as global energy systems continue to transition  

Our energy transition suite offers independent and fact-based perspectives of how our energy systems are evolving, from the small puzzles to the big picture. We track and analyze global energy flows – from production, conversion and transport to storage and end use of energy, across all energy sources and carriers. It takes time to change global energy fundamentals, but expectations about the future can change much faster. 

Future Energy Systems

How do changes in energy policy, markets and technology impact your company, sector or country? Timing is key: while being ahead of the curve could be costly, options don't last forever.

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Corporate Strategy

The energy industry is entering a period of unprecedented change. Is your company's business model, manpower and focus fit for purpose to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

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Energy Transition Risk

Energy transition risk is highly asset-specific and hard to generalize across industries and sectors. A granular asset-by-asset approach is needed in order to quantify values at risk in energy transition scenarios.

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Peak Fossil Fuel

Rystad Energy follows demand for fossil fuels closely, with bottom-up supply and demand for oil and natural gas, coupled with transition scenarios for displacement from electric vehicles, renewables and more.

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Low Carbon Fuels

Deep decarbonization requires access to low carbon fuels. Which low carbon fuels will supplement biofuels in heavy long-distance transport, heating, industrial feedstocks and seasonal storage?

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Electric Mobility

The adoption of electric mobility may come sooner than you think and have a profound impact on the market outlook for your industry. We can help you to see the forest for the trees.

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Digital Transition

Digitalization is shrouded in buzzwords and technical jargon. Learn how to navigate the jungle of digitalization and pinpoint the value creating applications with Rystad Energy.

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Get full visibility into emissions within the oil and gas industry.

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