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Assess and understand the future energy mix under nine global warming scenarios

We Provide

We provide comprehensive insights to analyze historical and future energy systems with data from 1965 to 2100

We Deliver

We deliver the most granular and complete data tool to assess and understand the historical and future energy mix under nine global warming scenarios, and based on the IPCC AR6 climate report.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with clients on developing strategies, market and asset assessments in the energy industry, and provide support to ensure informed decisions are made based on benchmarking, deal screening and valuation.


Features included

Analyze historical and future energy systems with data from 1965 to 2100 by:

  • Energy generation
  • Added capacity per year
  • Accumulated capacityEnergy revenues
  • Investments
  • GHG emissions
  • Energy mix
  • Energy flow

Enables you to

  • Analyze emission reduction pathways under nine global warming scenarios, including the IEA NZE scenario
  • Examine the complete GHG emission picture by including emissions from the food sector
  • Assess which energy carriers will replace coal, oil and gas as well as how much installed capacity is needed
  • Understand the energy mix by end user sector and end user service
  • Investigate the global energy flow from primary energy source, energy carrier and end use sector to the end use service
  • Understand the historical and future power generation mix and consumption pattterns
  • Analyze investments and revenues per energy source

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Features included

  • A regularly updated library of in-depth reports on key topics at the core of the energy transition
  • Investments, supply and demand related to CCS, hydrogen, batteries, emissions, solar, wind and power
  • Energy transition moves by energy companies
  • Newly announced projects, mergers & acquisitions, and market-moving news

Enables you to

  • Get timely, relevant and comprehensive overview of the global utility solar market sector
  • Access topical reports and analysis from leading industry experts
  • Stay-up-to-date on the latest trends and events in the market
  • Leverage a global network of industry experts
  • Develop strategic decisions based on facts and analysis
  • Access our online library of utility solar PV analysis and insights.

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