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Energy Transition Analytics

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We Provide

We provide comprehensive analysis on key topics on the core of the energy transition

We Deliver

We deliver an online suite of reports and articles covering a wide range of topics such as energy storage, electric vehicles, supply chain, Battery, Hydrogen, and CCUS market outlooks, as well as policy.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with clients on developing strategies, market and asset assessments in the energy industry, and provide support to ensure informed decisions are made based on benchmarking, deal screening and valuation.


Features included

  • A regularly updated library of in-depth reports on key topics at the core of the energy transition 
  • Investments, supply and demand related to CCUS, hydrogen, batteries, emissions, solar, wind and power 
  • Energy transition moves by energy companies 
  • Newly announced projects, mergers & acquisitions, and market-moving news

Enables you to

  • Get timely, relevant and fact based insights across the global energy transition.  
  • Access topical reports and analysis from leading industry experts 
  • Stay-up-to-date on the latest trends and events in the market 
  • Leverage a global network of industry experts 
  • Develop strategic decisions based on facts and analysis 
  • Access our extensive online library of energy transition reports and commentaries.

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