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Get full visibility into the global oil and gas industry  

Through topical and fact-based analytics, highly detailed data and leading-edge advisory services, Rystad Energy is uniquely positioned to provide valuable insights into the global supply of oil and gas, investment opportunities, portfolio valuation, portfolio benchmarking and transaction analyses. 


In-depth insight into historical data and the medium and long-term outlook for the global upstream industry, including production, investments, cash flows, breakeven prices and valuation models.

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Extensive data covering historical, current and future licensing, drilling activity, investments and discoveries.

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Detailed analysis of historical upstream M&A activities, such as transactions, changes in the player landscape, value creation and corporate strategies.

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In-depth insight into historical well-by-well data, advanced analysis on top of state reported data, real-time coverage and production forecasts for North American tight oil, shale, oil sands and conventional well activities.

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Evaluation of midstream assets with accuracy and speed to help move your diligence forward faster than your competitors.

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Our detailed understanding of both upstream supply and product demand enable us to provide clients with detailed insights on the downstream industry.

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Get full visibility into emissions within the oil and gas industry.

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Upstream Economic Model

Our Upstream Economic Model allows the user to create customized analysis by inputting their own assumption into the model.

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