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North American Completion Services

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Gain insights into supply and demand of key service segments of the US shale industry.

We Provide

We provide insights on the latest market developments and five-year forecasts for specific well services markets within the North American shale industry, delivered through quarterly analytics, thematic deep dive reports and regular shale commentaries, along with background data.

We Deliver

We deliver unique insights into drilling & completions activity trends, as well as supply, demand and pricing dynamics of key oilfield service segments, including pressure pumping, proppant, water management and stimulation chemicals.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with all stakeholders and incorporate interviews with on-the-ground experts, thoroughly conducted market research and near real-time satellite-based oilfield activity monitoring, providing clients with market intelligence that blends data analytics and primary research.


Make informed decisions by reviewing the service landscape before negotiating with suppliers or making partnership decisions; assess drilling and completions trends in order to strategize and finalize budgets.

Features included

  • Quarterly Report Series & Excel Datasheets – offering a holistic view of key North American oilfield service segments, including pressure pumping, proppant, water management and stimulation chemicals 
  • Dedicated Deep Dive Reports – focusing on topics of interest on request from clients, helping readers to gain deeper insights into areas that are relevant to their workflows and businesses 
  • Commentaries – delivering regular insights and analysis into selected topics and recent news and trends. The commentaries range from analysis of significant state data updates and news-driven reactive notes, to comprehensive fundamental research on complex industry matters 

Enables you to

  • Gain insights into current trends in the completions market, track activity and supply-demand levels to understand current market concentrations 
  • Access in-depth written analysis from leading industry experts, covering: 
    • Activity Metrics: play-by-play details of the US rig count, wells spud, wells fracked, frac stages, stimulated length, capex, DUC count and zipper frac penetration rates
    • Frac Services: detailed analysis and forecast of the North American fracturing services market, including a regional breakdown of supply, demand, utilization and pricing, as well as technology trends and analysis of stacked versus active horsepower
    • Proppant Market: analysis and forecast of US frac sand supply, demand and pricing
    • Water Management Services: analysis of the US oilfield water management market, including regional supply, demand, pricing, trends for sourcing, logistics, drill/frac, flowback, treatment and disposal services, as well as the competitive landscape
    • Stimulation Chemicals Market: analysis of five key chemical categories (biocides, HCl, gelling agent, crosslinker and friction reducer)

Have an overview look at:
Shale Intelligence


  • Transaction support and market sizing: Valuation of E&P assets, commercial due diligence, opportunity screening, market sizing and outlooks. We can apply additional quantitative models on top of our existing data to perform various assessments, including more dynamic scenarios. 
  • Benchmarking: We can review performance across multiple dimensions – such as costs, operational excellence and well performance – and will work with client organizations to pinpoint performance drivers. 
  • Competitor analysis: We can analyze competitors through various lenses and highlight strengths and weaknesses. This type of analysis would typically also be included in market reports and transaction support.
  • Custom macro scenarios: Given the vast impact of US shale on the macro environment of global oil and gas, we support clients with more tailored scenarios, including dynamic simulation of the oil market through differing key assumptions.