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Gain insights into the suppliers in the energy market.

We Provide

We provide supplier intelligence though analytics, data and advisory services leveraging our tracking and forecasting of suppliers and their markets within the energy supply chain.

We Deliver

We deliver everything you need in relation to understanding and analyzing suppliers and their markets, including financial performance, market share, M&A, technology portfolios and the overall outlook.

We Collaborate

We collaborate with all stakeholders seeking to understand the supply chain and the supplier market. The combination of our industry experience, network and proprietary data enables us to provide unique analysis of the supplier market across the energy industry.


Understand company positioning, market share, financial performance and what suppliers can expect in terms of trends and opportunities within their respective markets.

Enables you to

  • Understand market share by regions and segments 
  • Identify business development opportunities 
  • Browse M&A deals and perform detailed target screening 
  • Track contracts, order intake and backlog 
  • Map relationships between operators and service companies

Features included

  • Energy service companies' revenues, order intake and backlog 
  • Historical and forecasted data from 2005 to 2030 
  • 50+ service segments covered 
  • 500+ service companies and their profiles 
  • Historical M&A deals in the energy services market by acquirer type, deal rationale and payment type for all the deals

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ServiceCube (Suppliers)


Stay up to date with the latest trends and important developments in the energy services industry with our detailed reports and topical commentaries

Enables you to

  • Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the supplier market, powered by Rystad Energy’s databases 
  • Access in-depth written analysis from leading industry experts covering: 
    • Suppliers' financial situation and market outlook 
    • Awarded contracts and relationship with buyers 
    • Mergers and acquisitions  
    • Market share among suppliers, by segment and region 

Features included

  • Monthly Report Series – offering a holistic view on market drivers and impact on all service sectors 
  • Dedicated Reports – individually focusing on each region and service segment (over 50 classifications), as well as recurring reports covering project sanctioning, start-up and decommissioning 
  • Supplier and Buyer Factsheets – encompassing all investments, activity and revenues, historically and with forecasts, for service companies and buyers within the energy market 
  • Project Factsheets – providing a quick overview of the key characteristics and technical details of oil and gas projects as well as wind farms, in an easy-to-digest format 
  • Commentaries – offering expert analysis of current trends and the latest industry developments, adding context, assessing the implications and showcasing the relevant data

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Service Analytics (Suppliers)


  • Competitor assessments represent a key part of our advisory service. We support a wide range of service companies – both large and small – and work with them to objectively assess their competitiveness from a technological perspective and to highlight the wider scope of their delivery, for instance integrated services, pricing models and customer relationships. For technology companies, we have extensive experience in helping them recognize the market potential for their products and in finding the right partners in order to realize that potential. 
  • Understanding the supplier market is also vital to the operators. We support operators in understanding lead times, risks and the cost-saving potential of services and technologies. As operators move into new regions, we have supported them in enabling the local supplier industry to serve developments and projects. 
  • Similarly, we work with governments to help them understand the importance of local providers and how to nurture capacity and capability development in the energy service industry.