Surface Facilities

Gain insights into the EPCI market for surface facilities 

Understand how the engineering, procurement, construction and installation market for surface facilities in the energy space is trending 

We provide surface facility intelligence though analytics, data and advisory services focusing on the EPCI market within the energy supply chain. Our market view is channeled through thematic reports, detailed factsheets, a steady flow of commentaries and bottom-up databases that are updated weekly. Clients can connect with our leading industry experts and go deeper through customized advisory services. 

We deliver everything you need relating to the key elements of EPCI for surface facilities – FEED and studies, detailed engineering, construction and fabrication, procurement of equipment, installation, hook-up and commissioning, as well as facility decommissioning. These analyses are done for all surface facilities, including steel platforms, FPSOs, LNG, offshore wind and onshore facilities. All forecasts are derived from our bottom-up, field-by-field coverage of energy projects, offering a breakdown of buyers' budgets split by the various service sectors. This level of granularity enables detailed analysis of unit counts, sanctioning and capital and operational expenditures. 

We collaborate with yards, OEMs, industry organizations and operators to provide insight and action plans across a wide range of topics concerning surface facilities. Our consulting team supports yards in benchmarking performance and market potential, government bodies in understanding local capacity and competitiveness, and OEMs in business development. By combining asset-by-asset data from our upstream databases and detailed platform characteristics with our industry experience and contact network, we deliver value-enhancing guidance to our clients.

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Access data from Rystad Energy’s proprietary cubes through Cube Browser, web-based dashboards and data feeds. 

Our data allows clients to: 

  • Explore EPCI expenditure and contract awards by supply chain segment, geography, field life cycle and development solution  
  • Identify greenfield, brownfield and decommissioning opportunities  
  • Track offshore oil and gas facilities such as steel platforms, FPSOs, GBS' and FLNG units, as well as facilities for offshore wind 
  • Track onshore facilities such as LNG plants, central processing facilities and other energy infrastructure units 
  • Analyze the EPCI market broken down to its individual sub-sectors: 
    • FEED and studies 
    • Detailed engineering 
    • Construction and fabrication 
    • Procurement of equipment (such as rotating and processing equipment) 
    • Installation, hook-up and commissioning 
    • Facility decommissioning 

What’s included: 

  • Buyers' budgets, energy service purchases, awards and supplier revenues 
  • Historical and forecasted demand data from 1990 to 2040, and supply data from 2005 to 2025 
  • Key parameters for water depth, facility, field type, resource type, field size and field life cycle 
  • 18 EPCI service segments covered 
  • 500+ service companies and their profiles 
  • Coverage of both offshore and onshore markets 
  • Information on public awarded contracts 
  • Bi-Weekly updates


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Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and important developments in the energy services industry with  our detailed reports and topical commentaries prepared by leading industry experts, along with our vast series of readymade factsheets.  

Our Analytics enable clients to: 

  • Get a timely and comprehensive overview of the global energy service market, powered by Rystad Energy’s databases 
  • Access in-depth written analysis from leading industry experts covering: 
    • EPCI expenditures and contract awards  
    • Greenfield, brownfield and decommissioning opportunities  
    • Offshore and onshore facilities 
    • FEED and studies 
    • Detailed engineering 
    • Construction and fabrication 
    • Procurement of equipment 
    • Installation, hook-up and commissioning 
    • Facility decommissioning 

What’s included:  

Access to our comprehensive online library of energy service analysis and insights, including: 

  • Monthly Global Service Report – offering a holistic view on market drivers and impact on all service sectors 
  • Quarterly Market Share Report updating subscribers on changes in market share across all service sectors 
  • Quarterly M&A Report illuminating recent M&A deals within the energy supply chain, including deal rationale and impact  
  • Quarterly Regional Reports reviewing service demand trends within all geographical markets 
  • Monthly Segment Reports covering market share, trends and the overall outlook for more than 50 service segments  
  • Monthly Sanctioning, Start-up and Decommissioning Reports providing information on greenfield, brownfield and decommissioning trends 
  • Monthly FPSO Report covering market share, contracts, trends and outlook for the FPSO industry 
  • Supplier and buyer factsheets – encompassing all investments, activity and revenues, historically and with forecasts, for service companies and buyers within the energy market 
  • Project factsheets providing a quick overview of the key characteristics, expected expenditure, contracts and technical details for over 65,000 global upstream assets, in an easy-to-digest format 
  • Commentaries offering expert analysis of current trends and the latest industry developments,  adding context, assessing the implications and showcasing the relevant data 
  • Access to analysts providing product support and training, in addition to discussions and further insights from Rystad Energy’s global team of experts


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Our advisory services build on years of working alongside yards and OEMs, providing support on business development initiatives. Our data-driven approach, combining platform and upstream data with our vast industry experience, enables us to provide best-in-class advisory services in this space. We work with suppliers and investors to help them assess business plans, benchmark operations and to both understand and act on market trends. We support operators, industry organizations and governments in analyzing value chain capacities and capabilities.   

  • We support OEMs in understanding the market outlook for both newbuilds and after-market opportunities. Under challenging market conditions, OEMs find themselves looking for alternative business models, and our advisory services enable them to explore a wide set of opportunities.  
  • Given the global nature of the EPC segment, yards face growing competition as most large players compete worldwide. We support yards in benchmarking performance across hardware (yard site), efficiency (manhours, ton, throughput) and costs.  
  • Industry organizations have a need and desire to understand the competitiveness, capacity and opportunities of their member companies, and our advisory services fill this demand.