Webinar: Europe is heating up - full steam ahead for the geothermal market

Geothermal makes up an almost non-visible share in the energy mix, but 2022 might have turned out to be a pivotal year in many ways, with major energy companies and leading global supply chain companies entering or stepping up their activities in the geothermal space, positioning the industry for a potential massive growth.

During 2022, European countries shed a brighter light on the geothermal sector and announced ambitious targets for geothermal heating. In this webinar we take a closer look at the potential for developers and supply chain in Europe, analyzing the existing and future developments, along with key growth enablers such as population densities, heating infrastructure, existing oil & gas wells and more.


  • Hot spots in Europe - which regions will drive growth?
  • How does the future of drilling activity look like?
  • How can we leverage Europe’s 10,000 district heating networks to drive geothermal growth?