Industry experts conversation: What is the SCOPE for emissions reductions?

Conversation between our CEO Jarand Rystad and Matt Kolesar, Chief Environmental Scientist at ExxonMobil. 

Most companies and countries have stated ambitions for emissions reductions and have presented short- and longer-term plans for achieving these goals. The Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) is widely considered an important emissions offset instrument, although some voices have questioned the legitimacy of all offset projects. Have VCM markets recovered? In general, what are the most frequently adopted GHG reduction measures, and how do companies balance their focus on Scope 1 and 2 emissions versus including Scope 3 emissions in their net-zero ambitions? Furthermore, how significant is achieving methane emissions reductions in the context of reaching net-zero by 2050?

Our March edition of Rystad Talks Energy delved into the potential for emission reductions and tracking emissions, featuring a dedicated update on Voluntary Carbon Markets. We were excited to welcome Matt Kolesar, Chief Environmental Engineer and Head of Sustainability at ExxonMobil, as our special guest for the webinar. Mr. Kolesar discussed the potential for emissions reductions going forward with CEO Jarand Rystad.