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Welcome to the debut installment of the LatAm Energy Corner, a quarterly update on the intricate energy dynamics shaping Latin America. Our focus in this inaugural edition lands on Argentina. Argentina is undergoing significant transformations, especially in the oil and gas sector. After nearly 15 years of exploration and experimentation, it appears that the country may have discovered the key to unleashing the full potential of its unconventional resources. As conventional production dwindles and the unproven potential of its offshore conjugate margin persists, this burgeoning resource base is poised to propel Argentina's hydrocarbons industry forward in the upcoming decades.

We are delighted to have Schreiner Parker, Senior Vice President & Managing Director for Latin America, as our expert for this edition. Mr. Parker, with 15 years of experience in the industry, focuses on overseeing research and consulting efforts in the region, as well as working with national oil companies and developing relationships with governments, financial institutions and small independent E&P, OFS and renewable companies.

Vaca Muerta wells demonstrate exceptional performance, surpassing even world-class U.S. shale plays due to the outstanding quality of the shale and its remarkable capacity to yield hydrocarbons after effective stimulation.

Schreiner Parker, Managing Director, Latin America

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