Markets on the move?

Henry Hub prices, supply deficits and impacts of recent regulations

For the March edition of REview, our experts discussed the ever-changing energy market trends – assessing the outlook for global gas prices for the second half of the year and the impact of the Biden administration's pause on LNG projects. How has this recent regulation affected prices and the overall industry outlook? Do we see $100 oil in the back half of the year? Claudio Galimberti, Emily McClain and Manash Goswami discuss these topics and more in the full video.

For the remainder of 2024 we'll continue to bring you REview on a monthly basis, but we'll be changing up the format to offer you both written and video insights. Join us again next month for our April edition.

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Claudio Galimberti  

Senior Vice President, Head of North America Analysis

Emily McClain  

Vice President, North America Gas Markets Research

Manash Goswami  

Vice President, Analytics

(The data and forecasts contained in this column are Rystad Energy’s and the opinions are of the authors.)