Rystad Energy and WindEurope Report - Our wind, our value

This report has been produced by Rystad Energy in cooperation with WindEurope. It is focused on the significance of wind energy generation targets for European energy security, job market, economic growth and nature.

The outset of the report is based on WindEurope’s capacity outlook for wind power in Europe in its latest 2030 Targets scenario for wind capacity additions and implied generation through 2030.

Through extensive research and modeling, Rystad Energy aims to identify the magnitude of positive environmental impact and value creation that wind energy brings to the European continent. As such, all analysis in this report has been done by Rystad Energy, if not explicitly mentioned otherwise.

Rystad Energy has also contributed to the background material in this report, describing the current status of the European wind market and its supply chain.

Based on the findings in this report, WindEurope has provided its policy recommendations.