White paper

Scenarios for Energy Transition Whitepaper

The global energy industry is at a turning point. A transition is sweeping across many of its sectors and in some areas, like electric vehicles, solar PV, wind, and batteries, the pace of change has been rapid and gaining momentum. In others, commercially competitive alternatives to oil and gas are yet to emerge. The net effect is that we do not know yet how fast and deep the process of the energy transition will be. But one this we know for sure: The change already underway is relentless, and it's not going to be business-as-usual.

At Rystad Energy, we believe in a fact-based approach to the energy transition. We also believe that the transition will be unique from country-to-country and intelligence on the country you're operating in is key in the path to a low-carbon future.

Our team of experts has developed a whitepaper to capture our views on a pragmatic approach to the transition for those involved in the US oil and gas industry. What are the economic benefits of continuing with oil and gas drilling over the next five to ten years? What investments are needed to keep the pace of energy transition on track with our Mean scenario? What roles do different fuel sources play for the energy transition in the US? Request your copy of this comprehensive whitepaper now for the answers to these questions and more.