Press release

Welcome to a new Rystad Energy

Jarand Rystad

It has been an amazing journey since Rystad Energy was founded in 2004. The vision was to establish a company that would provide granular and bottom-up energy analyses and future-oriented top management advisory services.

While we have grown the company to a 500-strong team located in 25 offices around the globe, our mantra has remained consistent: We want to give you the facts, we want to show you plausible future scenarios, and we want to energize you by identifying opportunities and solutions.

Rystad Energy’s offerings have evolved over the years, and we now cover every aspect of energy and greenhouse gas emissions – from fossil fuels and renewables to low carbon and more than 2000 energy transition scenarios. At this pivotal stage in our development, we are thrilled to launch a new logo and a new design, reflecting the expansion of our data and analysis offerings to cover the entire energy spectrum.

We want to contribute to a responsible energy transition, in which energy is provided to all while also achieving ambitious climate goals. We want to help to make sure no one is left behind.

We aim to remain a personable, listening team that energy communities, our clients and society as a whole engage with and trust.

We hope that the launch of our new website will make it even easier for you find us and to gain insights into what we have to offer.

Meanwhile, we invite you to sign up for the Rystad Energy Week events, kicking off on September 1st with a three-hour digital event. The global Rystad Energy team can’t wait to finally meet in person at our long-awaited Regional Summits in Singapore, Houston and London. We will sum it all up at the virtual closing on September 22nd.

I hope you will connect with us – just look for our new design – at important industry events in coming weeks, starting with ONS in Stavanger from August 29th to September 1st. We also look forward to sharing our latest updates on natural gas, LNG and hydrogen at the Gastech conference in Milan from September 5th to the 7th, and we will conclude the month by participating at the WindEnergy exhibition in Hamburg.

Please dive into the content on our new website, which now reflects the transitioning energy landscape and our offerings across all sources of energy.

Our data and insights into all facets of the energy spectrum are highly granular and bottom up, from the smallest global data points to connecting the dots and seeing the whole picture. As the energy transition quickens and the world shifts towards net-zero, Rystad Energy is perfectly positioned to be a trusted partner, advising and guiding decision-makers. In short, helping you to navigate the future of energy.